Thursday, April 23, 2009

Phone Tec

You know what the funny thing is? Mobile phone technology. It is a huge and ever growing industry, with new models and features for greater entertainment purposes. Let's take the iPhone for instance, downloadable applications so that you will not run out of new functions. However with all mobile phones they have one sole purpose: To call other people.

It is obvious that mobile phones are made so that you can contact others but what many people don't realise is why have they not improved upon this old technology. It has been around for decades starting from the phone and advancing to the mobile phone and satellite phones. Our mobile phones all have one massive flaw that these phone companies are trying to cover up, voice quality over the phone line, no matter where you are whether it be at home or work using your phone, and even where there are no noise disturbance, the person on the other end still sounds like an imitation of the human voice.

This might be the fault of either your service provider or your phone. Both sides do not consider this problem important. These phones can afford to cram mini computers and high end cameras into them and yet they are missing the most important function of the phone. It is almost as if the call function was a bonus that people expect their phones to have. Phone users bear through the static filled connection and try to make out what the person on the other line is saying or having to repeat themselves over and over again. We believe that all these extra functions on the phone compensate for the losses.

It is true that as phone users, we don't have much say in this as it is possible that phone line providers can only provide a certain frequency that all phones use and that clearer quality phone lines or phones are being researched. But it really is sad to know that phone companies focus on producing newer and newer phones so that more people will buy their phones, Phone line providers are trying to cut costs and offer free phones as attempts to get more users. It is all very near sighted and in the future it is scary to even think that the sole purpose of the phone will definitely not disappear but stay the same low quality it is today.

(This my point of view, this should not be used as reference to technology as some people may have good phones with noise cancelling and can clearly hear the person on the other end.)


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