Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Orb Eating Dream - Morbid Dream II

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Came down with a bad flu last week and one particular day I had a terrible dream about a dimension where orbs eat orbs. I was a coloured orb and I had to consume other orbs or I would be devoured myself. That was the sole purpose of the orb, to devour so as to avoid being devoured.

After 'eating' all the orbs, more like sucking the life out of them to power yourself, I was the only orb left in the darkness of space...

Then. It restarts. I'm surrounded by orbs again and the devouring starts. This time I'm eaten. A different orb wins.

Then. It restarts. I'm surrounded by orbs again and the devouring starts. This time I win.

Then. It restarts.

There was no way to break out of the loop that seemed to distort time, trapping me within my own mind.

When I awoke, I was half in the dream. My mind searched desperately to consume something or someone. A bad storm raged outside and thunder strikes were unbelievingly loud. I sincerely thought that I was going crazy. Trapped between dream and reality.

I hope my next morbid dream would be less dangerous.

Bottom note: Oh by the way, my friend told me that my dream resembles an iPad game. I reassure you that I have never played or heard of such a game and the resemblance in completely coincidental.

Monochromo Sketch

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Wanted to try out lots of new stuff so it may not be my best drawing.. I always try out new stuff any ways so it goes without saying. I do however think that it looked waay nicer on paper.. WAIT! *goes off to experiment* Right! So I decided to use the original paper for the background instead of the big blobby messy background I had before. If you want to see the lousy 1st version, its on facebook. But only the background is different. I wouldn't even bother checking.